What is the Mark of the Beast?

                The book of Revelation in the Bible is packed with some scary stuff about the future, depending on one’s perspective. On the one hand, it’s scary to think of God allowing Satan his 15 minutes of fame, or rather, 7 years – to play god with a little “g.” By allowing this, the entire world will see the horrific results of what rejecting the real God looks like.

                But on the flip side, new heroes of the faith will arise as a crescendo of light contrasts with the increasing darkness. In the midst of it all, physical manifestations of a greater reality will emerge, and the grand climax will be the final return of Jesus!

                But until that day, we see events lead up to it, and I can’t help but wonder, are we seeing the precursor to Revelation 6:8 right now? Are Covid-19, its new deadlier, more contagious sequel, the Delta variant, and others resting in the queue after that, the pestilence of the pale horse?

Revelation 6:8 [bold emphasis added]

And I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider’s name was Death, and Hades followed him. And they were given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth.

                Being in the Air National Guard for the past 25 years, 2020 marked my all-time busiest year of my entire Air National Guard career.

                We had rioting and looting while mainstream media reporters were calling it peaceful protests with a police station burning down in the background. We had long lines of cars picking up food at food bank distribution points, because stores nationwide were out of basic necessities. And in California where I live, wild fires burned up the State. We see a resurgence of that this year as well.

                The Air National Guard has been in the middle of all of this. I had to step outside of my Cybersecurity function and put on my old Army Infantry hat as I joined Tier-2 support to augment the police.

                I and many others couldn’t help but see an echo of Revelation throughout 2020.

                And now into 2021, Covid remains prominent in the news. Every day, we see a push to mandate vaccinations. The idea of HIPPA protections regarding a person’s vaccination status have gone out the window as the U.S. Government and many businesses rally together with proud declarations of unity around the idea of 100% nationwide vaccination.

                What does this all mean? Where is it leading?

                The Mark of the Beast is perhaps the most widely known event in the Book of Revelation. What exactly is this mark?

Revelation 13 [bold emphasis added]

The dragon stood on the shore of the sea. And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. It had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on its horns, and on each head a blasphemous name. The beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority. One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was filled with wonder and followed the beast. People worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast, and they also worshiped the beast and asked, “Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?” The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise its authority for forty-two months. It opened its mouth to blaspheme God, and to slander his name and his dwelling place and those who live in heaven. It was given power to wage war against God’s holy people and to conquer them. And it was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation. All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast—all whose names have not been written in the Lamb’s book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world. Whoever has ears, let them hear. “If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity they will go. If anyone is to be killed with the sword, with the sword they will be killed.” This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of God’s people. Then I saw another beast rising out of the earth. It had two horns like a lamb and it spoke like a dragon. It exercises all the authority of the first beast in its presence, and makes the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose mortal wound was healed. It performs great signs, even making fire come down from heaven to earth in front of people, and by the signs that it is allowed to work in the presence of the beast it deceives those who dwell on earth, telling them to make an image for the beast that was wounded by the sword and yet lived. And it was allowed to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast might even speak and might cause those who would not worship the image of the beast to be slain. Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.

                There have been countless speculations about this mark of the beast, yet the years continue to pass without seeing it come to fruition yet… There have been several times in history when nations thought the end of the world was upon them, yet time continued to pass by, and nothing seemed to pan out as they predicted.

                The same goes for predictions about who the antichrist will be. Many predictions have been made, and many people have arisen that certainly fit the bill for the antichrist’s character and actions.

                Adolph Hitler is probably the most nefarious and widely recognized name among these antichrist predictions, however, the Bible is clear that there are multiple antichrists, not just one, 1 John 2:18.

                There is likely a main antichrist in the end, the one who Jesus will destroy when He returns, but because there are more than one of them, we are left to guess which one will be the last as time goes on.

                Unlike these antichrists, however, there is only one Mark of the Beast. So what is this mark? There have been many speculations, and Revelation 13 provides a number of clues.

                Revelation 13 begins with various symbolic creatures representing nations, and leaders associated with those nations. Those familiar with the Old Testament recognize John’s style as borrowing from the book of Daniel. With history to reflect on, many of Daniel’s vision are now evident. There is unanimous agreement among theologians regarding these empires and their leaders.1 For example, Alexander the Great, representing the nation of ancient Greece, is the Leopard in one vision, and the torso of another creature in another vision. We are now down in the legs or toes of that last creature; Daniel’s vision has not been completely fulfilled yet.

                And so John builds on Daniel’s visions, speaking of a dragon, its champion beast, an image of the beast, and then something new we don’t see in Daniel’s visions. A Mark of the Beast.

                In these later days, the idea that this mark has some affiliation with computer technology is very common. Many thought the mark would be a UPC symbol, which appears to be haunted by the number 6 in a series of bizarre coincidences.2-3 UPCs first emerged in the early 1970’s.


                Movies like The Terminator, among others, feature characters from an apocalyptic future with a UPC tattoo. The typical audience accepts this plot device with a “No duh” response.

                Why is the notion that the mark has something to do with computers so popular? Moreover, what other things can we highlight in today’s current events, that also line up with elements of this Mark of the Beast?

                Answering these questions, I will point out a few elements in Revelation 13, and follow each item with some basic observations.

  1. The beast will be given power to wage war against God’s people

                God’s people are scattered all over the Earth, and only God truly knows who they are. However, by and large, I suggest that they are Jews and Christians. We see God’s people mostly among Jews in the Old Testament. In the New Testament, we see them mostly among Christians, following God’s revelation He provided through His Son, Jesus Christ the Messiah. Books could be written to unpack this basic assessment, but that is not the focus of this article.

                The beast and its actions will be driven with a specific motivation to stamp out God’s people. Therefore, whatever manifestation the Mark of the Beast turns out to be, one thing will be evident; God’s people will be dead set against taking this mark.

  1. The dragon, beast, and image of the beast, represent the rise of Satan’s power, which builds until Jesus returns

                The most notable aspect of this point is, the antichrist will not have complete control over the entire world until the very end of his reign. If this were not the case, he wouldn’t have anyone to go to war against, but Scripture is clear, both in the books of Daniel and Revelation, the antichrist will be a man of war. The majority of the second three and a half years of his reign of power will be spent in warfare.

                Therefore, nations will be fighting against him until the very end, and it isn’t until the end of his seven year reign of terror that he will have absolute authority over every tribe, people, language and nation.

                With this in mind, I hope the United States is among the nations standing against the antichrist until the bitter end, but the way things are going, I’m not sure where the United States will stand.

  1. People are given an order to make an image of the beast

                Here, the important distinction to make is that the image of the beast is a man-made thing. This thing is a capstone achievement for humanity, created to serve the bidding of the antichrist. People will be in awe of this thing, whatever it is.

  1. The image of the beast will be intelligent and have a semblance of life

                This man-made thing is actually intelligent, i.e., it is sentient, acting as if it is alive. We have a scientific name for that now; it’s called artificial intelligence (AI). This is where computer technology comes into the picture, because it is blatantly obvious by the exact literal words used in the description.

                The image of the beast will not be a magically animated statute. Rather, it will be a manmade intelligence. It may also be an android. Ironically, my cellphone is an android, but that’s not what I mean, except there is something to that as well, which I will get to later in this article

                Consider the very definition of the word “android,” and ask the question, is this image of the beast Satan’s attempt at copying God, when God created man in His image?

Android: “’Automaton resembling a human being in form and movement,’ 1837, in early use often in reference to automated chess players, from Modern Latin androides (itself attested as a Latin word in English from 1727), from Greek andro- ‘man’ (from PIE root *ner- (2) ‘man’) + -eides ‘form, shape’ (see -oid). Greek androdes meant ‘like a man, manly;’ compare also Greek andrias ‘image of a man, statue.’”4

                At no time in history has the definition of this “image of the beast” in the Bible been more evident.

                An indicator that the image of the beast is not truly alive, is there is no mention of its destruction in the lake of fire. The false prophet and the antichrist are both thrown into the lake of fire following Judgement Day (Revelation 20:10), yet the image of the beast, serving the will of the antichrist throughout his reign of terror, is not even mentioned. It’s as if this thing is simply shut off.

5. The image of the beast will impose a mark, integrated with global commerce (buying and selling), as a means of controlling a large population

                True to form, the first act of this artificial intelligent life form is to integrate itself with humanity in a global tracking system. Artificial intelligence goes hand in hand with networking for systematic inventory, tracking, and management of all functions. This has been the natural progression of computer technology since its inception, steadily expanding into every facet of society.

                Today, the most common interface into this global tracking system is a cellphone. (Here’s where I return to my android mentioned earlier, though that is just a brand, and the broader context includes all cellphones).

                While I do not think cellphones are the Mark of the Beast per se, they are a direct link to it, and they will most likely be a part of the beast system that is on the way.

                Cellphones, in concert with social media and other data collection mediums in cyberspace, are a cyber-extension of human existence. In a way, cyberspace mimics the Holy Spirit by integrating with human experience, connecting humanity together, and striving toward omnipresence, and omniscience.

                While I say cyberspace mimics the Holy Spirit, the massive caveat is, it is anything but holy, nor is it a spirit. Cyberspace is merely an extension of humanity. The internet is like the tongue, filled with blessings and curses (James 3:10). The internet is used to spread the Gospel, and simultaneously, spread lies and filth. As of 2021, 35% of all downloads are pornography.5

                Cyberspace integrates with global commerce, and because of this, humanity is ever-increasingly reliant on computer technology. Many jobs these days require cellphones. Cyberspace is integrated with our jobs, and our job prospects. With cellphones at the epicenter of cyberspace, they track everything about us.

                Governments, corporations, and individuals have investments at stake in cyberspace, because there is money to be made, power to harness, and an opportunity for every voice to be heard. All of this is at one’s fingertips within the cellphone.

                Social media in particular, takes advantage of the social needs of society, and the power players, particularly those who pull the strings of the governments of the world, are using this new realm to capture a global audience.

                At first, cellphones and social media were used to monitor our families and friends, enemies, and strangers. They monitor everything we have an opinion about, both directly and indirectly.

                Everything is tracked in cyberspace; our purchases, what we like to eat, our hobbies, our skills, our education, our political preferences, places we travel, our travel routes and patterns, and anything we have an interest in whatsoever.

                Every picture taken with a cellphone embeds GPS coordinates within it; this is called geo-tagging.6 Everything a person does, who they are doing it with, when they did it, where they did it, and how they felt about it, is the essence of every picture taken with a cellphone posted on social media.

                Each picture, in this day and age, is worth far more than a thousand words.

                And cellphones hold thousands of pictures.

                Within the realm of cyberspace, a data mine accumulates regarding every demographic tidbit about every person. Cellphones, and various system accounts for social media, mass storage, email and other systems, represent the perfect snapshot of a profiling system. In the hands of a powerful AI system, all of humanity is very easy to predict and manipulate.

                Because of this, AI has enabled power players to move beyond monitoring and tracking, and into the realm of regulation and control.

                Rather than simply monitoring everyone’s interests and opinions, we now see the power of social media flexing its muscles to regulate the flow of information, both to and from society at large. That information is often censored, it’s manipulative, it’s biased, and competing political agendas are battling for territory in this new frontier.

                For now, there is a war in cyberspace, because the internet is an unruly beast. Big tech is doing its best to censor information, but even so, divergent perspectives continue to leak out.

                Just as Satan is God’s pawn in the ultimate sense, cyberspace is also God’s servant, because nothing escapes God’s power. It’s just that God places a high value on freedom, so evil persists for a season. That’s why we have a war for souls taking place, and that war is waged in every realm of existence.

                Why? Because God allows each individual to choose his/her master. A period of time and space must exist, in order for this choice to be made.

                Those who make accusations against God for allowing evil to exist, even for a temporary season, must consider the double-edged sword they are swinging around. Evil exists, because Adam and Eve chose it after they were warned not to, and every person born since them has also adopted evil in various degrees.

                God’s solution to this problem of evil was to send His own Son, the perfect representation of mercy and grace. Satan is known as the great accuser, directing his fury toward God, yet it is Satan who is the ultimate hypocrite, because he utterly hates mercy and grace.

                Satan is a tyrant, who demands perfect obedience, yet doesn’t feel compelled to lead by example. God, on the other hand, does lead by example. Everything that God asks of us, He did Himself, even to the point of a horrific death on the cross.

                As for the Mark of the Beast, this is Satan’s tool for forced compliance, and the big picture of all the pieces that will feed into this mark are coming into focus. What I just outlined above regarding computer technology and IA, is no mystery. These things are widely agreed upon by many Christians.

                Keep in mind, the modern information technology developments we have today, only came about since the 1970’s. No one had a desktop computer, laptop, or cellphone, back in 1970. The World Wide Web did not formally exist until the 1990’s. Now, cyberspace is so integrated with global society, most people can’t imagine living without it.

6. The mark will go on the forehead or on the back of the right hand

                This is when the Mark of the Beast takes its final form, with very specific physical characteristics. While many, if not most Christians carry cellphones these days, the buy-in factor for an embedded computer chip technology in the forehead or the back of the hand would be a clear line of demarcation. No way!

                As of 2021, probably over half of the U.S. population would reject a chip implant if the government tried to enforce such a mandate. There are still quite a few Christians left in the U.S., and many who are not Christians have heard about the Mark of the Beast, and would be hesitant to accept such an implant, especially in those two locations.

                However, those who speak about the Mark of the Beast are often mocked, and public opinion is often easily and rapidly swayed when the right variables are introduced. This is where Covid-19, the perfect variable, enters the equation.

                And here is where the reader may stop reading, I am flagged as a tinfoil hat wearing moron, an “anti-vaxer,” (even though I have vaccinated every year of my life until now), and I may be accused of trying to direct society to the nearest cliff.

                Before I continue on this dialogue about vaccination, allow me be clear; I don’t think vaccinations are the Mark of the Beast. However, they are moving in that direction, and I believe they may eventually be incorporated into it.

                America has been the long standing bastion of freedom for over two hundred years, and yet, when it comes to HIPPA protected data, new arguments have arisen, pitting civil rights against each other.

                Similar to the argument of free speech hampered in a situation of yelling fire in a crowded theatre, we now see one’s privacy protections on vaccination status completely ignored in the face of a pandemic. We also see all voices of opposition to vaccination, censored to an extreme.

                To eat in restaurants, we might soon have to declare that we are vaccinated.

                No big deal, people can live without restaurants, but what happens when this policy applies to grocery stores? What happens when America = China 2.0

                It doesn’t matter that the disease in question, at this point in time, is treatable, or even that it has a 99.98% survivability rate. It doesn’t matter that Covid-19 was unleashed on the world from a godless Communist nation known for rampant human rights violations, and it would be within the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) character to have a prescribed agenda behind all of this.

                The fear generated from the pandemic has been so intense, it crushed the thriving U.S. economy in 2020, despite the 99.98% survivability rate of Covid-19.

                Social media and the mainstream media have been pushing the narrative that those who refuse to vaccinate are akin to modern day Typhoid Mary’s,7 despite the fact that the CDC does not deny, (at least today), vaccinated people can still spread Covid.8

                Suggesting that people simply live healthy lifestyles, take treatments and implement common sense precautions to self-quarantine when they feel sick, are no longer sufficient, because of the highly contagious nature of Covid-19.

                Arguments in favor of traditional responses to sickness are now met with pleas for mercy, death and infection statistics, personal testimonies of friends and family members that have died, and accusations of blind ignorance, as if vaccinations come from the very hand of God Himself.

                Those who vaccinate care about fellow human beings, while those who do not vaccinate are demonized.

                Please don’t get me wrong on this point, Covid deaths are tragic. Indeed they are, and for those who choose to vaccinate, especially if they have other health conditions, they should have the freedom to do so. But those who do not wish to vaccinate, they should have that freedom as well. It is this second point where we see a shift in societal thinking.

                Covid is a fear motivating catalyst. There is a specific agenda behind it, and its accompanying vaccinations. I just can’t say for sure whether that agenda is consciously in this world yet, or if it’s still brewing in the underworld. I suspect the former, though people “in the know” about the information they are actively censoring may have convinced themselves that they are serving a greater good.

                Counter arguments to immediate vaccination, particularly with the experimental mRNA vaccination, have been presented from highly reputable sources, and censored. The inventor of mRNA himself, Dr. Robert Malone, has been censored!9

                How can anyone in good conscience do that? Let the man SPEAK! It’s not like he is against vaccination. He simply has concerns about the new vaccination technology HE INVENTED, which he outlined in scientifically peer reviewed research, and wham! Delete, disable, curtesy of Linked In, among others.


                Is someone hiding something? Those who think conspiracy theorists are nuts should keep in mind, its censorship behavior like this that generates conspiracy theories. When the videos have Doctors speaking, they don’t just label them with “Fact Check False” labels – nope, they flat out delete them. I had that happen to me, and it’s pretty easy to test out for anyone who doesn’t believe it’s going on.

                People are often motivated by greed, and I believe that is the case here, but there is something even more sinister than that that is driving this, and its final destination is the Mark of the Beast.

                Dr. Malone had to go to the little-known Epoch Times, just to get an interview. This kind of censorship is what they’ve been doing in China for quite a while, but Google actually works with China.10

                The CCP has taken social media to the next level, with the implementation of “social credits,”11 and now it appears a chunk of the CCP’s mentality is actively functioning on U.S. soil, converting our cyberspace into China 2.0.

                Along with Dr. Malone, counter statistics, and videos of meetings with doctors, virologists, and medical experts of all kinds, are continuously censored.

                I posted a video on Linked In, with a Doctor of virology giving a briefing, providing a large list of scientific information countering much of the CDC’s narrative, and Linked In deleted my post in less than 12 hours.12

                I violated Linked In’s policy, though I fail to see how. The briefing was very professional and informative, given to an entire panel. Doctor of Virology, Dan Stock, briefed a mountain of scientific data, revealing exactly how far off the mark the CDC has gone.

                Simply for talking about censorship, and highlighting the link to the above video in my notes to this article, it is possible this article may be censored as well. It all depends on various AI filtering algorithms currently in place, getting smarter by the second.

                Big pharma Johnson & Johnson owns a huge Fact Checker organization in charge of “fact checking” major social media websites.13

                They use to call this a conflict of interest.

                I would suggest that there are many conflicts of interest going on, especially when doctors who work within the ranks of the CDC are able to dictate recommendations to the Federal Government while simultaneously having financial interests in the pharmaceutical industry.

                Now consider public opinion on this matter in mid-2021, and take it a step further with deadlier, increasingly contagious viruses. The Delta variant may be just the tip of the iceberg.

                Eventually, Covid-19 vaccines will have FDA approval. A lot of people will calm down and stop making such a stink when that happens. But not everyone will be content, so…

                Other viruses will take Covid-19’s place, and other vaccines will replace these new vaccines. We can expect to see annual booster shots for these vaccines. I predict we will also see expedited vaccine FDA approval processes as well.

                Even before all this, vaccinations have been a government mandated requirement for school attendance and military service. But the government isn’t satisfied with only those two spheres of control.

                Projecting this trend into the future, when the viruses in question are far more infectious and deadly than Covid-19, what ignorant buffoon wouldn’t be on board with taking vaccines to combat them? After all, they’re scientific, right? They’ve saved countless lives over the years, right?

                Never mind asking the question, where are these increasingly deadlier viruses coming from? That’s irrelevant once they’re in the wild. And besides, questions like that won’t be heard by anyone.

                In response to viral outbreaks, the old argument used to be, if you’re sick, stay at home until you get better. In fact, even from a scientific perspective, variation within a species is a strength to a population’s survival.14

                Not all science is corrupt, but with that in mind, what can we expect with all of society’s immune systems genetically enhanced in the same exact way?

                Would this not stimulate deadlier, more contagious viruses to mutate at an accelerated rate, and also make the population more vulnerable to something that could wipe them all out in one shot? Shouldn’t we want some variation in our immune systems?

               At what point does virology cross the line of scientific benefits and into God’s domain, where people are playing God, and ending up with horrific results? 

               Going further, the CDC has been saying people can be infected with Covid and not know it. The previously mentioned Typhoid Mary fell into this category, highlighting to the medical world, there was such a thing as asymptomatic carriers.

                Watching the nightly news, this likens the entire human population to a bunch of unsuspecting werewolves, capable of unknowingly transforming into brutal savages of death and destruction unless they vaccinate. But take the vaccine, and you won’t be bothered by the full moon. Relief at last.

                The old argument used to be, if the vaccine works, then the only people at risk are those who do not vaccinate. If they choose not to vaccinate, they assume that risk only on themselves.

                But the narrative to vaccinate keeps mutating as fast as the virus. Now, people can still get sick even if vaccinated, so there is still an incentive to vaccinate because of the risk to others, so it’s not just a self-imposed risk anymore.

                But wait, how can they play both sides of the fence like this?

                They say it works, so it’s worth vaccinating, but it only works good enough to reduce the spread and the effects. There is still no guarantee, so we must ALL still vaccinate. Refusal to do so is like walking around with a bomb that could detonate at any second.

                To all of this hyperbole, I ask the question, where is our trust in God in all this? Has our trust in medical science evicted God from our thinking altogether?

                Is there no room left for the natural immune system and common sense that has served humanity for millennia? Have people turned to vaccines, these manmade concoctions, and trusted them to such an extent, that they would strip away everyone’s rights, and demonize anyone who rejects them as murderers?

                It is as if every angle is covered, making vaccinations a moral imperative, especially when viruses become far worse than Covid. The end result of even deadlier viruses may eventually translate to a government mandate to vaccinate every human being on the planet.

                With all this focus on vaccination, and the increased buy-in that will follow with increasingly deadly, more communicable viruses to come, how is society supposed to enforce vaccinations without some form of universal vaccination record?

                So now I return to the Mark of the Beast that initiated all this vaccination talk.

                A record of vaccination is on a vaccination card for now, but those will quickly be counterfeited if vaccinations are mandated. A securer means will be required to address counterfeits. Electronic records with embedded encryption are the answer to that.

                And believe it or not, the Bill Gates foundation is already talking openly about this on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation website.

                This is not a crack-pot conspiracy theory. Bill Gates has been embroiled in the world of virology for the past decade. And guess what the stated goal is for the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is?

                Stated with a large text header on their website is the declaration: “Vaccine Development and surveillance.”15


                Did you catch that second part about surveillance?

                Bill Gates, one of the wealthiest billionaires in the world, is like a modern day John the Baptist, paving the way for the antichrist. He brought us much of the computerized world we live in today, and now he’s working on something new.

                Bill represents a sizeable chunk of big tech, and now he’s snuggled up with pharmaceutical agencies, and the government, preparing the way ahead.

                To Gates, this is all common sense stuff. If everyone had an electronic vaccination chip, impervious to hacking, and it was integrated into a master global database, that would definitely solve the problem of any future pandemic response.

                Gates is all about transhumanism as well, so I’m sure such chip implants would have many incredible functions.

                I have to admit, I’m a big fan of Google Maps, and that’s AI driving that system. It’s an incredible invention, far better than the road atlas maps I relied on in the old days. So I suspect any kind of computer technology that integrates with an imbedded chip would be absolutely remarkable.

                But most importantly, it will save lives

                And so here we are.

                What else lines up?

                Up until 2021, I took vaccines, even the annual flu shot, because I was in the military and they mandated it. The argument makes sense; the military must maintain a high level of readiness. There is usually a strong argument of logic behind all of Satan’s plans.

                However, seeing the censorship taking place regarding the emergency authorization of a new type of mRNA vaccine, I wanted to know why people were being censored. Some of those who were speaking out have very high levels of credibility. Why are they being silenced?

                So I conducted some research into various claims. For example, it was said that the vaccines had human DNA in them, which Snopes shot down.

                However, while declaring this claim false, Snopes actually states that the process whereby vaccine ingredients are manufactured does involve replicated cells of embryonic tissues taken from an abortion.16

                I didn’t know this before, but now I do. Every time I take a vaccine shot, it appears I am benefiting from an abortion; the murder of an innocent human being who had no choice in what happened to him or her.

                This is madness, I didn’t know that! Why are vaccine companies doing this? Isn’t there another way to mass produce vaccine ingredients without relying on the murder of babies? I doubt they did this in the past, when vaccines were first invented.

               I suspect the reason they’re still doing it now, is to save money.

                With all the censorship taking place these days, I wonder if it is even possible to answer this question. Does anyone know if there are any pharmaceutical companies producing vaccines without relying on replicated cells from an abortion?

                I wouldn’t have any problem with taking a non mRNA vaccine if I knew its contents were manufactured without relying on abortions in any way, shape, or form.

                Snopes is very Liberal leaning, so they simply call the claim of human DNA in the contents of vaccines false, because it’s filtered out. However, in their explanation, they downplay the part about the abortion where they say the cells involved are merely replicated cells, and not the original cells harvested from an abortion years ago.

                But replicated cells or not, they originated from an abortion, so the overall process of manufacturing vaccine ingredients relies on abortion. For those who take a stand against abortion, does it matter that this abortion took place years ago?

                No, not if abortion is viewed as murder, but the Snopes team most likely does not consider abortion murder. They would argue until the end of time that using abortion products to create vaccines is perfectly ethical. Even the Pope endorsed it, so they say.

                The point I bring all of this up is, does it not seem fitting, that the murder of children would somehow be mixed in with the Mark of the Beast? Does it not seem fitting, that this harkens back to the worship of Baal, and sacrificing children to a heathen god?

                At what point has our society bought into medical science to this extent?

                Rather than seeing abortion as unethical, we see the opposite; those who do not accept the practice of abortions are unethical, because abortions have facilitated the mass production of vaccine ingredients that save lives.

                The ends justifies the means, period.

                Is this what we’ve become, even Christians?

                I suspect many Christians are not at all aware that abortions, at least one abortion for Johnson & Johnson vaccines, (though more than that have likely been used), are an integral part of the mass production of vaccine ingredients.

                Again I ask, consider the pale horse of Revelation 6:8. What if we are seeing one of the final installments of the pale horse? Is not the magnitude; the global scope of what’s going on right now, comparable with the pale horse apocalyptic symbol?

                Many have heard the phrase, “gain of function,” in reference to viruses, particularly this Covid-19, which most likely originated in a Wuhan lab in China.17 It appears there was a partnership in this research, between China and the United States.

                The reasoning for the research has to do with vaccination technology, and most certainly has some “scientific reasoning” behind it, at least when Dr. Fauci was answering Congressional inquiries.

                Gain of function experimentation in the realm of virology has the same rational justifications as energy experimentation in physics. Nuclear reactors make wonderful power plants, so the technological experimentation is justified. However, the same technology can produce nuclear bombs.

                In a similar manner, gain of function research might assist virologists in developing vaccines for new viruses, but it might also be used to tweak viruses anyway they want; even weaponize them. Bio-warfare was banned at the Geneva Convention, but maybe that’s just a technicality?17

                Not long ago, I would have thought the idea of pharmaceutical companies developing viruses along with their corresponding vaccines, is tinfoil hat territory. Doing that is far too dangerous to mess with. Those behind it are subject to the same viruses!

                However, if those behind it all knew the viruses in question are simply very contagious, but not that deadly for the average person, say with a 99.98% survivability rate, might they make a concession for that? What if doing so would dump the United States economy on its head, and give China a major boost?

                If pharmaceutical companies own a large chunk of the media, they could tinker with statistics the way they tinker with viruses, and see how far they can push the social media manipulator to stir up a frenzy over that .02% fatality rate.

                Meanwhile, they all get vaccinated before releasing the virus.

                I honestly don’t know anymore.

                Doing that would still be incredibly dangerous, and they should be the first to know, because viruses can mutate. But then again, they might be so confident and arrogant, they convinced themselves they’ve got it all worked out.

                At this point, all I have is conjecture, but a lot of dots are lined up.

                And then there’s that hint of Baal in the background, and other oddities, like Luciferase, one of the ingredients in at least one of the vaccines.19 Similar to the UPC haunted by the number 6, we see a disturbingly named ingredient in vaccines that bears Satan’s old pen name, Lucifer.

                Naturally, there is a reasonable, logical explanation to this, something about the chemicals lighting up, and yet, why does the idea of a Luciferase injection disturb me?

7. The mark is used to track who is aligned with the beast, and who is not. It will be so widely accepted, that it will be enforced with the death penalty for any who refuse it

                Until now, I speculated in my books over the years that the incentive for taking the Mark of the Beast might be an amazing human augmentation, offering enhanced computer technology benefits.

                However, with the recent events of potential vaccine mandates on the horizon, I can’t help but see the sinister direction this will turn when emotions are ignited to a fever pitch over a virus much deadlier than Covid.

                If those who refuse to vaccinate are potential biological bombs in the eyes of the public, the death penalty may very well be an end game for rejecting vaccinations. It could be that family members even turn on each other. It could be absolute mayhem.

8. The mark is “the number of man,” or the “number of a man,” depending on the translation.20-21

                Both translations work, because 6 is the number of man established in the book of Genesis; man was created on the 6th day. Also, this mark represents the name or the number of the antichrist, so it is specific to a man. Three sixes in a row represents a trinity of man, in contrast with a Trinity of God as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

                As I already mentioned above, vaccines are a man-made solution to a problem in nature dating back to a curse from God initiated in the Garden of Eden. That curse was a response to man rejecting God in hopes of elevating himself to God’s level.

                The mainstream media and social media across the board, both liberal and conservative outlets alike, promote vaccination as the de facto humane and logical approach to addressing viruses.

                Satan’s strategy always involves tapping into legitimate needs. He then hijacks those needs with counterfeit solutions.

                When faced with terrorism, we desire security, so we relinquish our privacy to agencies like the FBI and the NSA.

                We desire convenience, so we install applications on our cellphones that help us do things, like find our way around town, or to vacation destinations. The price for this, is our movements are tracked, wherever we go.

                We desire social interaction and entertainment, so we post pictures and comments of our activities, interests, and opinions in social media, thereby relinquishing a library of information about ourselves, which feeds a data mine harvested by power brokers who do not have our best interests in mind.

                When faced with viruses, we desire safety, so we relinquish the privacy of our medical records, and the rights of citizens to decide for themselves whether or not to receive vaccinations.

                I’m not saying all vaccinations are evil, but the direction the CDC is going is not good if we don’t put the breaks on ever increasing draconian mandates.


                Because we also desire freedom somewhere in all of this, but by the time that item comes up on our list, how much of it remains?

                Everything seems to chip away at freedom, leading to the Mark of the Beast.

                I find myself an open-eyed citizen in this society, aware of the Matrix that surrounds me, yet I go through the motions like everyone else. I have a cellphone, and I have a few social media accounts.

                However, I particularly appreciate subverting Satan’s intended medium of cyberspace to promote the Gospel while I still can. That’s why I have my own website.

                I identify with Neo in the Matrix, working within the beast system, and bending it to his will. Perhaps that’s I have spent many years learning a great deal about cyberspace, and earned a Master’s degree in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking.

                I see what’s happening in cyberspace and computer technology, and I also see where this vaccination “Operating System” is taking us as well. (Yes, they actually call the mRNA vaccine an Operating System).22

                And I won’t take the Mark of the Beast when it arrives in its final form, NO MATTER WHAT!

                So I feel compelled to inform people about what we’re headed for, as we continue to sacrifice our security and safety, relinquishing our freedoms, little by little.

                We will eventually find out where all this is leading, as we see history unfold before us in the days to come.

                The governments of the world will eventually fall into the hands of tyranny. When that day comes, and the Mark of the Beast arrives in its final form, it is then that we must have patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of God’s people.


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3 thoughts on “What is the Mark of the Beast?”

  1. Pingback: What is the Mark of the Beast? Author John Milor – The Strong Delusion

  2. This was exceptional John. Much food for thought, and the Covid drama is definitely being used to shape mankind’s mind and heart towards an Antichrist saviour. Have you seen the 2012 London Olympic Games opening ceremony. It previews or rehearses the Covid pandemic. Even having a big man jump out from under the hospital bedcovers who looks just like England’s PM Boris Johnson. But important aspect of the ceremony is the Phoenix bird who builds his nest then sets it alight to extinguish itself, but the ceremony ends with the Phoenix rising. This is the end goal of the pandemic and other related world upheavals. Climate change, Islamic illegal immigration and Mid East wars etc. So, a counterfeit Messianic age will come through him who rises up from the abyss, he will be the eighth king from Rev 17:8-11. I identify this eighth King as Hiram 1 King of Tyre /Phoenicia in my recently published book Seed of Satan:Antichrist. The assumption by many is we cannot know who the Antichrist is and was. But John Revelation in ch 17 and 13 where we are told to exercise wisdom to identify the Eighth King and how 666 relates to him. Working from that understanding I followed the serpent line of the serpent from Genesis 3:15 looking at all the characteristics of the most significant descendants of that ungodly heritage and aligned that with the likely identity of the seven kings from Rev 17:8-11 and most significantly the first five Kings from the Kingdoms of Egypt, Phoenicia/ Assyria, Babylon, Medo- Persia and Greece because John said at the time of him receiving the Revelation of chapter 17 the Beast already “was” past tense and “now is not” in the present. Meaning he had already fallen/ died but would yet in the future ascend up from the abyss, a counterfeit second coming. Built a composite image of the seven with the ungodly traits of the ungodly from Cain to Esau to fully understand the nature of this Eighth King Beast/ Antichrist. After all my research became my absolute top candidate for this Eighth King was Hiram 1 King of Tyre.
    If your interested have a read of the book and weigh up my evidence. If you find it has merit share it with others.
    Have second volume that looks at all the hidden watermarks embedded in scripture that verifies Jesus as the resurrection and the life, the true Seed of the Woman and Messiah called Seed of God: Jesus Christ just about ready to upload to Amazon kindle and then paper. Kindle and paperback versions avaliable on Amazon now.
    Just like to add I believe the Mark comes into being after the death and apparent resurrection of the Beast, at that stage the Mark, number or image will be unveiled and forced on the world. That does not necessarily rule out the vaccine, which may be a subtle mind manipulation for people to readily accept the real deal when it appears.
    God bless and thanks so much for your excellent thought provoking article.
    Cheers Kenny
    Invercargill New Zealand.

    1. Kenny,
      Thank you for your compliment and thorough post!
      Your book sounds interesting, and may provide me with further insight into the days ahead.

      – John W. Milor

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